Monday, September 13, 2010

New Space

Highway Health has moved to a new home right about HERE

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wii Fit 2 Week Challenge Day 2

So Apparently today I am 33 years old! My dad called mid-way through a test when I had to stand completely still... so apparently I didn't do too well. At least today's body test didn't involve doing any maths like some of the other tests. My centre of gravity doesn't seem to be getting any better...

I was already dreading my 10 mins of strength training. Not because they are too hard, but just because there isn't enough variety. I've started 'unlocking' more reps so at least now I can spend a little longer on particular activities and can mix up the 10 mins a bit more, but there just aren't enough activities that don't require a large amount of floor space and unfortunately I just don't have it.

I'm also finding myself REALLY out of sync with the step exercises. I used to ace these so I don't know what it is, but I'm finding that they really annoy me because every time you only get an "OK" or get a "Miss" the music goes out of sync, stuffing you up even more.

Tomorrow I'm going to actually check out how many calories I'm suposedly burning off (I think this is only a feature on Wii Fit Plus) I keep forgetting to check. I also went for a walk today with my baby (My dog Hamlet) who's staying with me for two weeks while my parents are in Vanuatu.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wii Fit 2 Week Challenge Day 1

So I had my first day of Wii Fittage today. I'm going to leave any huge analysis until the very end of the two weeks, but here is how the first day panned out. I was planning on an early rise and getting it over and done with before my housemate was out of bed. I forgot that we had to pop into work early, and I also forgot that my housemate always wakes up before me. (From this point on 'housemate' will be refered to by her actual name: Kirby) Instead I got out all my gear at about 6:00pm after Kirby was already at work, and then by about 6:30 when my Wii controllers were actually charged and I had pinched my Xbox controller batteries for the Balance Board I was ready to go.

I got the ripe age of 20 as my Wii fit age. Apparently this is good because it's my actual age, so WOO me! What I don't understand with the Wii is the whole "centre gravity" stuff. I will feel like I'm completely centered and all lovely postured and then I'll be 40% on one leg 60% on the other. Gobbledygook and quite confusing? Yes I thought so too. But I think that's going to be my main aim, have a perfect centre of gravity by the end of the two weeks.

I decided that I'll do 10 minutes in each of the sections. Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics and Balance Games (Where I pretty much just play around and try to beat my scores or finish games). The Yoga and Strength Training were quite good, they had detailed instructions so you felt like you were actually learning what to do. I felt a bit like the Yoga was disjointed, instead of routines that you would usually do one after another they are all split up into a separate "activity" because otherwise it wouldn't work very well with the balance board. Saying this both the Yoga and Strength Training felt like they were stretching my muscles and getting my body feeling a bit looser.

The Aerobics aren't particularly hard, but you do have the options to change the difficulty levels or the time you spend doing things like hula hooping, step exercises, jogging or boxing. Personally I had the most fun doing boxing because you have this big punch out at the end where you just hit it repeatedly. I think tomorrow maybe I'll up the time I spend on boxing and maybe go up to the harder step activity because the beginner one was a bit slow!

Overall I definitely didn't work up a sweat but I did feel like I was doing something. My body definitely felt a lot better than it does after an Assasins Creed II marathon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Highway to Uh... Where?

So if you remember, a few weeks ago Roxy and I lay down this stupendous plan: Highway to Health was going to begin and we were going to be kicking some lazy ass! Unfortunately life got in the way. Roxy got the amazing opportunity to do an internship at the Sunday Mail where she was too busy attending fashion shoots and getting her name in print that she couldn't meet me for a gym sesh, and I was a bit too busy working 40 hour weeks at The Good Guys (My excuse is just as cool... right?). Well excuses, excuses we thought and we were rearing to start but now Roxy is completing another 2 week internship this time with the Messenger so unfortunately our traversing all over Adelaide to find our inner health gurus is once again on hold.

You know what, I'd even got all ready! I did what any girl needs to do in order to start something new, I went shopping! So now I'm armed with a new drink bottle and trackpants and a mere 15 hours a week and I'm itching for a gym buddy, so instead of discovering some healthy gems without my buddy I've picked up a new friend to help me see through these two weeks... Introducing: Wii Fit Plus! 

Lame? Okay, so it's not quite the fanfare we wanted to begin with (we were planning on getting all hot and sweaty with some Bikram Yoga) but I figured why not review the games system that so many people are keen to try (I sell these things, believe me I know!). I'll be updating daily so if you're interested to hear if the whole Wii fit thing has any bang for its buck then check it out! 

I'll be reviewing it for 2 weeks starting from tomorrow, at the same time I'll be trying to be a  bit more careful about what I'm eating by using my trusty kikki.K meal planner, and I'll be braving the rain and trying to go for some more walks thanks to my new raincoat (Yes, even more shopping). This really has been a very hectic holidays, and it's really helped me realise how much life can get in the way of trying to look after yourself. After long weeks, overnight stays with my nieces and the biscuits and chips that coincide, and a bout of stomach flu and reflux I'm feeling the temptation of the Urban Remedy Winter Warmer Cleanse and perhaps a nice weekend away. Melbourne anyone? (hint: Roxy and I will be going to Melbourne in August! Weee!) So enough blabbering I've got to get some sleep for my Wii Fit sesh in the morning, and here are the lovely goodies I bought:

1. Camelbak Better Bottle $29.95, 2. Running Bare Tigerlily Soft Knit Track Pants $79.95, 3. Cath Kidston Navy Spot Raincoat $50, 4. NintendoWii Fit Plus $129, 5. kikki.K Meal Planner $9.95. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Introducing This and That's Highway to Health

TASH: Don't you all just love Glee? If not... Really? Watch more and you will! That aside, getting physical is something that's been on our minds a lot over at This and That. What is This and That you ask? Don't you know us? Well yes, you might have found this site because you followed this sweet little link on our darling blog or you may of just found us. In that case... HI! I'm Tash and in a minute you'll be hearing from Roxy. We're media students, bloggers and we reside in the lovely city of Adelaide. We used to be next-door-neighbours but now we live about an hour away from each other so our blog is part about us sharing the fun things we do and part about you, the lovely people who read it and hopefully comment and interact! So back to the name of the game. As a tribute to this Glee and Olivia Newton-John mash up (not really) we've created what we like to call our Highway to Health. Tacky puns you ask? Why yes of course! Basically we're going to be spending out time eating better, exercising more and trying all that we can to keep ourselves glowing inside and out!

ROXY: HI! I'm Roxy. So, what does the 'Highway to Health' Challenge (H2H Challenge) entail exactly? In short, Urban Remedy has inspired us to get healthier than we've ever been before. In an effort to do so, we are going to explore the healthy side of Adelaide. We want to find out where the best yoga studios are, which gym classes are awesome and why, if personal trainers are better to help you reach your peak fitness, where the yummiest and healthiest food is at and what beauty therapists can do to help us feel great. And of course, we'll be blogging about these experiences along the way - reviews about all the places we have visited, updates on all things Urban Remedy as well as some extra goodies (don't want to spoil the surprise but I'm talking video demonstrations...but shhhh, don't tell anyone!) will be uploaded every few days.

TASH: So why do this you ask? Well it sort of all leads back to some blogs we did a while back reviewing the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanses (click here for the blogs), they got us thinking a lot about what we do to keep ourselves healthy and what it is we're putting in our bodies. Sometimes it's not the best stuff (i.e. the other night I decided it would be a good idea to try ice cream mixed with peanut butter! good golly!) but in our defense, it's been a busy time for us lately, so we've slipped a little. We've both been glued to our computer screens (turning square eyed and what not) writing out our final university assignments for the semester. Fun? Think again. But now that we are finished up, we are determined to get back to (and even surpass) the sparkling balls of health that we were when we finished our Urban Remedy Juice Cleanses a few months ago.

ROXY: What does this mean for you? Well, what doesn't it mean for you would be the better question, methinks! Watch this space and you'll be given hot tips on where's best to eat and exercise. But wait, there's more. We can offer you 15% off Urban Remedy Juice Cleanses. 'WHHHHHAT?' I hear you ask. 'Pipe down please and let me finish,' I reply. The lovely Emma from Urban Remedy contacted us about helping her increase Urban Remedy's exposure around RAD-elaide and we were totes excited to help her out. So, as part of our H2H Challenge, we will be handing out 15% of brochures to all the venues we visit. Now, if you happen to desperately want a voucher (I would, if I were you), but you're not going to be visiting any of the venues that we've blogged about, just forward, erm, 28,485 schmackers to my account and we can sort something out..ha! I'm kidding, silly. Just comment us on our blog and we'll get you sorted.

So get involved! Let us know where we should go and what we should do! Challenge us! The more support we get the more we're going to be able to do and you never know it could mean more perks for you! ;)